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Probation Station Educator

Probation Station Education Program

Mission and Purpose

All too often defendant pleads guilty even if they are innocent without really understanding their legal rights or how they are being affected. The mission of Probation Station is to provide juveniles and young adults, defendants, those formerly incarcerated, parents and the community with guidance through the criminal justice and specifically the probation system.

Probation Station’s educational program curriculum aims to prevent young people from becoming a part of the criminal justice system through education. Students will understand the basic functions of the criminal justice system, and gain increased knowledge of the criminal justice system including process components, language and history. Students will become educated on the costs and consequences related to common decisions made by defendants as well as  learning the importance of avoiding being entrapped in the criminal justice system. Once the course is complete, a spelling bee and a criminal justice lingo bingo game for the students and celebration with their families are hosted.


  • Increased knowledge of the criminal justice system including process components, language and history
  • Increased understanding of the costs and consequences related to common decisions made by defendants.
  • Increased sense of preparedness to make decisions related to the criminal justice system
  • Decrease the level of anxiety related to encounters with the criminal justice system.

In March 2016, Probation Station conducted an informal survey with participants. The following is a list of comments written by some of the participants:

1. Helped my attitude 

2. Just keep coming

3. The speakers relate to me

4. It will help me in the future

5. I love when Probation Station comes because I am able to voice myself with a good response

6. I love, the love you give

7. Thank you for making my time in here a little easier

8. I want to learn it all

9. Speakers inspire and motivate me

10. Its good to learn something new because it can help me in the future


As a Probation Educator, Monalisa uses her knowledge of the probation and criminal justice system to assist individuals in finding bondsman or lawyers; answer basic questions such as where to get dispositions and court documents; research cases, ensure that the defendant has the proper attire to wear to court, appointment times and reminders of obligations. She works directly with the attorneys to ensure the individual understands everything that is expected of them and that communication is maintained on a regular basis.  

In addition, Monalisa performs legal research, draft legal documents specifically for probation cases (early term, modification, violation of probation), as well as, read case law and prepare case briefs and file court documents electronically. Monalisa assists with preparing responses to complaints and discovery requests and maintain case file for organization. Probation Station program services focus on educating the community and those who need it the most by helping to...

  • Understand Early Termination of Probation
  • Understand Modification of Probation 
  • Understand Violation of Probation

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