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About Monalisa Weber

Monalisa Weber provides communities and leaders the tools to navigate and confront the probation system while identifying the most tangible changes needed to have immediate impact.

"It is my wish to give anyone who enters the criminal justice system a voice by teaching them how to communicate first for themselves, and then, with others, essentially providing everyone access to a functional component of the criminal justice network." 

Monalisa was introduced to the criminal justice system in 1999, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. Since June 2014, she's created and curatedthe Probation Station educational radio show. Monalisa is a public speaker on the criminal justice and probation system as well as an organizer for criminal justice system reform. She recently led a series for the City of Dania Beach library community workshop on the Criminal Justice System and Community Supervision.

Host Monalisa, a natural motivator, criminal justice system community educator, professional speaker, for your next speaking engagement or event!

Probation Education

Probation Educator, Monalisa Weber, utilizes her knowledge of the probation and criminal justice system to assist with explaining the preparation, documentation and case court organization.

The mission along the way is to impart knowledge and educate those who need help the most, to understand the criminal justice system process.

Education Program Services for...

understanding  represent-
ation is key.

Probation Station teaches what it takes to find a bondsman and/or lawyer.

asking questions in a safe environment.

Probation Station Educators listen nonjudgmentally and address questions.

getting probation education.

Probation Station Educators impart knowledge on the criminal justice system. 

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